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The Central District is growing for two primary reasons. First, we are passionate about planting life-giving churches. Secondly, our fellowship of churches and pastors are committed to the centrality of the Word of God, with an emphasis on gospel clarity.

Church Multiplication

We are looking for people who are excited about the opportunity to be involved in the start of a new life-giving church. You may be a person living in a community where there is no strong gospel witness and you sense the possible call of God to be part of a new church. Some of our most life-giving church plants have started with a core of committed lay people, who desire to have a life-giving witness of the gospel in their community. Alternately, you may be a pastor with a heart for church planting and desire the support of a seasoned coach. Regardless of your role, we encourage you to take the first step by contacting one of our church multiplication directors, Mark Farran or Todd Brooks.

An Existing Church

You may be an independent church that has come to recognize that you would benefit from being a part of a larger fellowship. Pastors often want and need the benefit of solid friendships in ministry that can come with a denominational connection. Churches often recognize that to attract the pastor they want, they need the assistance of a representative like a district superintendent. Still other churches are seeking a strong biblical home because the denomination they have historically belonged to, has departed from its gospel roots.

Many churches have joined the EFCA Central for these and other reasons and have found a home in which to grow. If you’re an existing church considering joining EFCA Central, we encourage you to make your first contact with Mark Farran, or Todd Brooks, our regional superintendents.

Helpful Next Steps

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