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Serving Your Pastors

The most visible people in any church are the pastors. We don't mean the most important people, but due to the nature of their calling and role, their impact is usually greater than that of any other single person! They are a major voice in creating vision and setting direction and are expected to have a sense of what is happening throughout the entire local church body.

As part of our commitment to serving your pastors, we hold a variety of retreats to strengthen them. Each fall we hold two for all of our pastors and their spouses. Each spring we also have affinity retreats for our senior and solo pastors based on the size of the church and staff they serve. This allows them time for a brief retreat to pray, study, and discuss leadership with others who serve in similar situations. They come away supported and refreshed. Many have said that these retreats are among the most helpful days of the year for their ministry. Additionally, we sponsor various retreats for associate staff pastors throughout the year.

We encourage you to have any of your staff pastors contact the district office to find out how to get involved.