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Women's Ministry

Our Ministry

Our district mission reflects the mission of the EFCA: multiplying healthy women in ministry among all people. We are focused on multiplying disciples and ministries that reproduce in local churches, impacting communities and beyond.

Development of Women in Leadership in the Local Church

We encourage your local women's ministry to reflect the same mission statement as that of your local church and to follow the leadership of that church. We desire to be integrated into and aligned with the ministry of the local church, not to be a stand alone ministry.

Christ-Centered Leadership Development and Training

Our curriculum is based on the centrality of God's Word, prayerful dependence on Him, a foundation of love, intentional relationships, and emphasizing a healthy balanced ministry of:

Dealing with Challenges

Sometimes the situations faced as women's ministry leaders are complex or confusing. Feel free to contact District office. District staff are available to provide provide direct help or to connect you with others who can assist with your particular situation.

Events that Build Relationships

There include the spring and fall retreats as well as the Women's Ministry luncheon and workshops at the March Central District Conference.

Our retreats are hosted by dedicated teams of women from churches within the district. In coordination with Hidden Acres, they select the speaker, location, and date for these popular events.

At the March Central District Conference we provide quality speakers to both encourage and challenge women on contemporary issues. The follow-up workshops let us explore these topics more deeply as well as to develop friendships with other women in our district.

We also bring women's ministry leadership development to the Central District through events known as Leadership Connection Advances. Check the Events Calendar for these events as well as regional training events.